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Once more, dear friends...

Into the breach!

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Character Name: Phoenix

Series: Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

Timeline: Just after Jak and Phoenix "team up" to retrieve the eco seeker, but before Phoenix joins him at the volcano.

Background: Trivia page.

With only an estimate on his age available, I'm pinning him at 28. He joined the Aeropan Air Forces fresh from the Academy, then rose through the ranks to become the Commander at the age of 23. Shortly afterwards, when he discovered the nature of the Dark Warrior program, he rebelled and joined with the Sky Pirates. With their resources, he knew he would have a chance to fight the Aeropans and do some real damage. Within three years, he'd become Captain of the Sky Pirate ship, the Phantom Blade. Along the way he found that he genuinely enjoyed the pillage and plunder.

Especially when he felt that the victims deserved it.

Spoken / written languages: Precurian (sounds the same as English, but has a different alphabet.)

Abilities: Phoenix is a crack shot with a pistol and can generally hold his own in hand to hand combat. His real talents lie in flying and in aerial combat, although since he became Captain of the Phantom Blade, he does not do this as often as he used to. He knows enough about mechanics and technology to repair or compensate for damage his ship might receive in a fight, but he's not what he would call an expert.

He's coolheaded in a fight and has good reflexes and spatial awareness - necessary skills for a pilot. Unfortunately, he also has a tendency to let himself be distracted by a pretty face.

Items: Phoenix tends to carry very little on his person besides a gun and a shoulder belt with extra ammunition. Obviously, those won't make the trip. He also has a pair of goggles, a communicator, and a belt pouch with a comb, a handkerchief, and an extra tie for his hair.

Disclaimer: This is a roleplay journal, played by lithic_rune.

Log book: An OOC log book of Phoenix's activities can be found at ecopiracylog. This is mostly a link dump for my own reference, so feel free to pay it no attention.